Peaceful picnic spots with cascading waterfalls and flowing rivers

The sleepy town of Bentong is only about slightly over an hour’s drive from Kuala Lumpur and yet it has a lot to offer. From home-made ice-ream to durians and most notably, ginger, Bentong has several other hidden gems. Check out the Chamang waterfalls Breathtaking views of cascading Chamang waterfall in the sleepy little Chamang […]

Splendid campsite at Gunung Tapis Nature Park

Are you an avid mountain climber who seeks challenges after climbing one after another? Are you enthralled by the many mountains across Malaysia and has been trying to conquer them all? If you are, then you will surely be amazed that the popular ones like Gunung Kinabalu and Gunung Tahan are not just the few. […]

Ravishing Tekam Plantation Resort at Jerantut

For travelers who like nature, there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled when visiting any location. This includes being able to get close to untapped nature and to be able to indulge in the beautiful vegetation. However, some travelers would like to visit a place with good facilities and services as well. Enter the […]

Kampung Stay Padang Lebar

A lot of people say that as Negeri Sembilan is one of the most ‘hidden’ states in Malaysia, there are not much to see or visit. After all, it is state which houses Port Dickson, which is known for its seaside resorts and hotels. Besides that, there is Seremban which is the main city centre. […]

Gunung Stong State Park

Over at the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia, you will find many places to visit especially if you like nature and such. There are seaside resorts, city centres and many more to offer. The Gunung Stong State Park is one of the natural attractions in the state of Kelantan. It is generally a heavily forested […]

Bujang Valley – Kedah

Anyone visiting northern Peninsular Malaysia will always be advised to go to Penang as it is a popular place for food and vacation. However, did you know that its neighboring state, Kedah has much to offer as well? Bujang Valley, one of oldest archaeological sites Bujang Valley is naturally a valley located within the natural […]

Kukup Laut – The fishing village on stilts

Kukup Laut is located towards the south-western region of Peninsular Malaysia located within the southern state of Johor. It is located about 20km off Pontian town and is known for its homes which are built on stilts where it is known to be a fishing village. Kukup Laut for fishes and seafood This is where […]

Pulau Redang

If you want a vacation getaway which is away from the city and towns with clear waters and beautiful beaches, Pulau Redang or Redang Island would be your ideal choice. This is where paradise can be experienced with fishes coming as close as 50 feet towards the coast. Pulau Redang Location Facts Facts about Pulau […]

Pulau Perhentian

Perhentian Islands is located at the north east of Malaysia, off the coast of Terengganu. It is divided into 2 main islands, namely Perhentian Besar and Perhentian Kecil. It has other smaller islands which are still inhabited, including Seringgi, Rawa and Susu Dara which are all under the protection of marine park. Pulau Perhentian – […]

Pulau Lang Tengah comprehensive guide

Pulau Lang Tengah is one of the best-kept secrets in Malaysia. Located off the coast of east coastal state Terengganu, it is what you will come to expect from any islands that look like paradise. The clear and glassy water, coupled with the white, sandy beaches set amidst its lush forests would give you a […]