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Magical moments at enthralling lakes in Pahang

Malaysia has a long list of attractions ranging from mountains to islands, cities and towns, villages and others. If you are looking for something less rigorous, visiting lakes might be a good option. Here are some of our recommendations in Pahang. Tasik Chini and Tasik

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Splendid campsite at Gunung Tapis Nature Park

Are you an avid mountain climber who seeks challenges after climbing one after another? Are you enthralled by the many mountains across Malaysia and has been trying to conquer them all? If you are, then you will surely be amazed that the popular ones like

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Ravishing Tekam Plantation Resort at Jerantut

For travelers who like nature, there are certain criteria that must be fulfilled when visiting any location. This includes being able to get close to untapped nature and to be able to indulge in the beautiful vegetation. However, some travelers would like to visit a

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