Plant lovers discovery tour at Perak’s Herbal Garden

Plant lovers out there, here’s a paradise where history and horticulture intertwine – Perak’s Herbal Garden. Spread over 22 hectares of land, the picturesque garden is ideally located in Kampung Kepayang along the way to Jalan Simpang Pulai and Batu Gajah. The diversity and abundance of the finest living plants such as medicated herbs and […]

Unique and bizarre limestone caves in Ipoh

Reputed as the country’s limestone wonders, Ipoh has some of the most impressive caves formed by shimmering stalactites and stalagmites since million years ago. Exploring one of the caves in Ipoh is simply an unforgettable experience that you’ll remember in years to come. The enchanting Gua Tempurung For instance, you’ll be enchanted upon entering the […]

Science museum in Ipoh

Ipoh has been known to have a long history of traditions and culture. It has a prominent royal tradition and is known for its great food offerings. Marvel at the Scientific exhibition Forget about the exhibition of the rare antique pieces and traditional costumes in the museum. Instead, head over to geological museum located along […]

They don’t call The Banjaran as a holistic wellness for nothing

Here’s a chance to rediscover yourself. An oasis of calm tranquility amidst the rustic town of Tambun in Ipoh, The Banjaran is the country’s first and finest peaceful wellness retreat in perfect harmony that even seasoned travelers would clamor for more after spending a couple of days here. First peaceful wellness retreat Meticulously planned and […]

Lenggong Archaeological Museum

If you are a history-lover, you will not want to miss the Lenggong Archaeological Museum. Beautifully located on a paleolithic-era archaeological site in Lenggong, the Lenggong Archaeological Museum is just somewhere near Tasik Raban. Pre-historical site in Malaysia The Lenggong Archaeological Museum is known with the locals as Kota Tampan Archaeological Museum. As the name […]

An educational trip down to Jubli Perak Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Agricultural Park

Where is the wonderful place to enjoy a walk by the recreational park and sit down to savour and enjoy sights of abundance of fruits? Definitely at the Jubli Perak Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Agricultural Park! Why the Jubli Perak Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Agricultural Park? With a vast recreational area, a forest reserve park […]

Pulau Keladi Cultural Village

Here comes an attraction for culture seekers – Pulau Keladi Cultural Village located about 15 minutes away from the royal town of the state, Pekan. This is the village where former Prime Minister, Tun Abdul Razak was born. While the village comprises mostly kampung-style houses, culture seekers will also find Tun Abdul Razak Memorial Hall […]

Sungai Lembing Museum

Back in the olden days, tin was reputed as the most important source in the world. Unfortunately, due to more advanced technology, plastics, aluminum and other synthetic resources were invented to replace tin. Once upon a time, Sungai Lembing was the richest mining town in the state of Pahang. Then, it was has the second […]

Sultan Abu Bakar Museum

Do you appreciate history in Malaysia? Are you around the state of Pahang and is currently intrigued by its rigour and heritage? Would you like to find out more about what you have seen and maybe learn more about the local culture? Head out to the state museum If you’re around Pekan, why not stop […]

Museum Tokoh

Museum Tokoh (literally translated as Heroes Museum) is one of the must visit popular museums in Pahang. This brick colonial-style building is ideally located adjacent to the state’s High Court, Sessions Court and Magistrates Court. Therefore, visitors can easily ask the locals for direction to get to the museum. Place to remember the heroes Formerly […]