Top Tourist Attractions in Sarawak

If you are planning to visit Sarawak, you will be in for a treat. This is because the East Malaysian state has everything you are looking for in an ideal travel destination. From the world’s oldest caves to the beautiful island under the sun, you can find it all in Sarawak. Natural wonders and national […]

Sarawak Car Rental

Moving about in Sarawak can be quite challenging if you are visiting on a tourist trip looking for a light and easy vacation on your own. While you can get around using a local map, transportation might be challenging especially if you are not a local. Car rental options From as low as RM80, you […]

Malaysia – A Shopping Haven

Malaysia has plenty to lure the world traveler. The country is brimming with natural beauty, friendly people, unique cultures, unforgettable food, arresting architecture and perfect, sunny beaches. But there’s one more aspect that has proved absolutely irresistible for visitors to this country – SHOPPING! Shopping paradise of Asia Shopping in Malaysia has been elevated to […]

Explore Ipoh: Enjoy good food at any time

Good food, good atmosphere, good price and more good food! You’ll discover good food from every nook and cranny in Ipoh. Since this capital of Perak has a high percentage of Chinese residents, visitors would find abundance of Chinese food available – hawker stalls or even high-end restaurants serving scrumptious and mouth-watery delicacies. Ipoh Synonymous […]

Authentic dishes available in Pahang

No trip to Malaysia is complete without satisfying your taste bud with a wide variety of astounding mouth-watery delights. In fact, eating is the one thing that you must do when you travel to Malaysia. Excellent food at every corner of every state You would have no trouble in finding delectable good food throughout the […]

Experience an invigorating holidays at National Park(Taman Negara)

Explore the many rare and exotic species of flora and wildlife creatures at the world’s oldest rainforest – National Park (also commonly known as Taman Negara). Stretched over three states – Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan, this is the ideal place for adventurous hikers from around the world. Hike to the top of Taman Negara Explore […]

Consuming Alcohol in Malaysia – Don’t say we never told you!

Alcohol is a common beverages around the world when it comes to festivals and celebrations. In Malaysia, however it might be a slightly tricky situation. This is because, depending on which part of Malaysia you are in, the sale of alcohol beverages varies. Pricing of alcohol in Malaysia Compared to other countries, the price of […]

Malaysia – A Multi Cultural Land

Malaysia – A Multi Cultural Land Malaysia is a multiracial country, therefore, the nation’s culture was affected by a large number of different cultures. Initially, cultures on this land starts from indigenous tribes that lived here, along with the Malays who later moved in. Strong influence exists from the Chinese and Indian culture, dating back […]

A paradise for beach-goers

Malaysia offers a great variety of sandy beaches with azure blue water to lure sea lovers and those who are seeking adrenaline-pumping water sports activities. Beaches around Malaysia The beach with many coconut palms all over the bay is an ideal spot for family vacation as there are tons of exhilarating water sports pursuits available […]

Take the Jungle Railway for a real taste of adventure

Malaysia has one of the most amazing countryside sceneries and landscapes. Its natural wonders are spectacular and very breathtaking. See the greens on train One of the most pleasing things you should do when travelling in Malaysia is to see the country on rail. This is where you should take note and be aware of […]