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Whether you are a business or leisure traveller, offers you the perfect platform to start planning your trip. Here is where you will be able to browse through countless options of accommodation choices that include hotels, apartments and homestays. With options to suit every budget range, you will be able make your bookings here at where you can also pay and confirm them. Apart from accommodation, you can also make reservations for other travel related services which include car and vehicle rental, restaurants and food outlets and others.

Homestay and Apartments

Bookings for homestays and apartments around Malaysia’s cities, towns, villages and residential areas are provided through This is one of the flagship services where offers a wide variety of choices in terms of pricing, location and accommodation type. Apart from that, you can also select which type of environment you would like to stay in whether you would like to be among the fishing villages, the traditional kampongs, the city centre or with a local family. Apart from that you can also choose between the facilities that you require through where you can either make reservations for meals, transport, day trips and others.

Room reservation

With countless hotels and budget accommodation offering the best rates through, your Cuti Cuti Malaysia portal, you will be able to book your rooms prior to visiting the places of your choice. Whether you are heading to the cities or the smaller towns, you will be able to make your reservations through where you can also make your payment to confirm your booking. There are all types of rooms which are equipped with the best services and facilities all around the country where you can compare them and then decide which one would suit you best. Read the reviews of members who have stayed at these places where you can also offer yours.

Food and Vehicles booking

If you are planning to visit Malaysia and knows where you are going as well as where to stay, the next important factor you have to consider is where to eat, what to eat and how to get around. Hence, provides you with services where you can conveniently plan your Cuti Cuti Malaysia trip so that you need not have to worry when coming here. At, you will be able to find out about the local food of the places you are visiting that range from Malay, Chinese, Indian and other delicacies. Restaurants and food outlets are reviewed and if you are interested to try them out, you can make your reservations through Whether you are travelling in large or small group, you will also be able to make your vehicle bookings through as well.

Best Rates Guaranteed

If you are making you travel arrangements through, you are enjoying one of the lowest Cuti Cuti Malaysia rates with the best services around. is a Malaysian owned company which have been serving tourists for many years. As experts in this area, they are able to bring the best value and services to you where you are provided with a single avenue to fulfil all your travelling needs. is able to offer you the best rates for hotel rooms, homestays, apartments, restaurants and other related services because they know the market best and they are closely connected to the local operators in their network. This convenience is channelled to you so that you need not have to seek anywhere else as well as to offer you the ultimate peace of mind when travelling.