Port Dickson

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January 13, 2016
Alor Setar
January 25, 2016

Port Dickson or commonly referred to as PD has always been a  convenient holiday spot among locals and foreigners. Strategically  located about 34 kilometeres from Seremban city centre, KLites can also  easily drive to PD as it is only about an hour and a half from Kuala  Lumpur city centre.

Unlike other beaches around Malaysia, Port Dickson is famous as the  road surrounds the coastline. Hence, drivers can stop while driving to  their preferred accommodation and plunge into the pristine clear water.  This paradise for vacation offers more than you can expect.

Holidaymakers, honeymooners, leisure seekers and business travelers  get to enjoy the panoramic ocean view while sun-baking under the hot sun  surrounded by swaying palm trees and white sandy beach. Vacationers can  easily purchase fresh coconut water or sugar-cane juice from the  vendors along the road while spending their time relaxing on the beach.

Back in the olden days, Port Dickson was known as ‘Tanjong’ in Malay  Language (it refers to cape). The oldest shop lots in PD were located  along Jalan Lama. Since there were also carbon mine near Jalan Pantai,  locals also called Port Dickson as ‘Arang’ (it means charcoal).

Realizing its potential as a harbour, British decided to develop PD  in order to replace the existing Pengkalan Kempas. Since the officer  in-charge at that time was Dickson, the town was given the name, Port  Dickson.

Over the years, Port Dickson did not develop much as a port but it  turned out to be a popular seaside recreational and relaxation  destination. In the beginning, PD was catered to British officials and  their families as a unique resort town. Years later, the town has even  attracted locals particularly after independence in 1957. Hence, PD  today remains a popular seaside destination among locals and foreigners.

Port Dickson reached its peak in 1980s when hotels, resorts and  apartments started their construction along the beaches. Thousands of  visitors flocked in to PD during weekends. Even water sport operators  were booming in 1980s.

Sadly, PD failed to maintain its popularity with the emergence of  other charming beaches in East Coast such as Cherating and Tioman.  Besides that, vacationers also realized that beaches in PD were getting  more polluted. But thanks to government’s effort to clean-up the beaches  in conjunction with Visit Malaysia 2007, Port Dickson has once again  gained popularity from the holidaymakers.

Hotels, resorts and apartments in the vicinity worked closely with the  authorities to keep the beach clean. Today, Port Dickson once again  offers scenic ocean view of pristine clear water and white sandy  beaches.

Some said PD is more beautiful today than years before. Thus, you’ll  notice that beach-lovers and families often come back again during the  weekend to enjoy the waters and indulge in various activities here.

Attractions in Port Dickson Negeri Sembilan

Blue Lagoon Port Dickson

Suntaining on the beach with birds chirping and soaring in the skies will leave you an unforgettable experience. Located approximately 10 miles from south of PD town is the beautiful Blue Lagoon. Situated on the left of Cape Rachado, Blue Lagoon is more of a small bay and has clear blue seawater that can captivate those who spend their time lazing around the beach. Most visitors often described it as one of the most spectacular tropical paradise with fine white sand and lush shady pine trees. Among some of the popular activities in Blue Lagoon are fishing and crabbing, jet skiing, banana boats as well as other exciting outdoor sea sports. All in all, it doesn’t matter what you want to do in Blue Lagoon Port Dickson because after all, spending a weekend at Blue Lagoon playing the clear blue water is a wonderful experience.

Teluk Kemang Beach Port Dickson

Teluk Kemang Beach that is situated approximately 3.5 kilometres away from Blue Lagoon main road is among one of the hottest spots in PD for water sports, water scooter as well as kayaking. This fun-filled beach offers more than exciting outdoor activities as holidaymakers can try out the scrumptious and delicious local dishes situated along the beach. In addition to that, the beach is also fully-equipped with modern amenities for your comfort that includes shower facilities, wash rooms/ toilets and ample car park. Tourists shall visit Teluk Kemang beach in August as the annual Port Dickson Festival is held specifically for tourists with a touch of local cultural shows. Holidaymakers can choose to stay in a range of hotels located within the vicinity of Teluk Kemang. However, if you decide to visit Teluk Kemang in August, bear in mind that the beach is crowded during that particular month.

Wan Loong Temple

Wan Loong Temple is situated along the coastal road. Wan Loong simple means “dragon in the sky”. Tourists and holidaymakers commented that the temples is the one of the biggest and most beautiful architecture in PD. The outer walls of the temple resembles a fortress while numerous legendary statues such as the historical monk Xuanzang, Sun Wukong and Zhu Bajie are placed within the temple’s compound. Looking spectacular from the top of a hill, the circling fortress gives the viewers an impression of a secluded private premise closed from the outside world.

Property Development in Port Dickson

Subsequently, Port Dickson has emerged as one of the busiest trading centre following the construction of railways to facilitate the development of PD and as a result, help to boost state’s economy. But bear in mind, even though PD has experienced rapid development over the years, the beautiful beaches are still well maintained to encourage holiday makers to spend leisure time enjoying their weekend at this beautiful tourist destination. But all in all, PD emerged as one of the top tourist attractions in Negeri Sembilan as this is the only beach in that particular state.

Backpacking in Port Dickson

Backpackers and families do not have to fret about accommodation in PD as the town comprises various inexpensive and five-star grand hotels namely Corus Paradise Resort, Desa Lagoon Resort, Duta Villas Golf Resort, Duta Hacienda Riviera Resort and plenty more.

Duta Hacienda Riviera Resort, a luxurious and exclusive 300-bedroom hotel was designed based on Mediterranean concept. The rooms are elegantly furnished with various facilities and amenities to ensure visitors enjoy their stay throughout the holidays spent in this resort. Among some of the hotel facilities offered are Fun Village, reflexology pool, Jacuzzi and also children’s fun pool.

Another accommodation suitable for families and tourists in groups – Casa Rachado Resort Apartment is specially designed for visitors’ comfort and convenience. Overlooking the mangrove forest with flora, fauna and historic landmarks, visitors can indulge in wide array of exciting activities such as jet skiing, canoeing, snorkeling and speed boating.